BuzzBall Brings the Rollercoaster Experience to Your Backyard

Can't quite make it to a Six Flags this weekend? Sign up for a BuzzBall then, and bring the motion-induced vomiting to you! Cooked up by some crazy New Zealanders from Evento as a cure for 'coaster aficionados without access to the rails, the BuzzBall features a pair of electric motors, each of which controls a… »6/28/08 5:30pm6/28/08 5:30pm

Vomiting Halloween Decoration Nauseates Itself Into Your Heart

There's no better way to trump your neighbor's Halloween decorations than with a vomiting zombie-thing. CostumeFind knows what you want, and what you want is an animatronic man vomiting into a barrel when you cue the switch or press the foot pad. The decoration also makes a vomit noise, finally giving you the chance… »9/10/07 9:01pm9/10/07 9:01pm