HP Just Built a Gaming Laptop. Seriously.

Once upon a time, a tiny company called VoodooPC built some of the most incredible gaming computers around. Now, its owner HP is paying homage with the Omen — the first serious gaming laptop the company has ever made. » 11/04/14 8:00am 11/04/14 8:00am

Voodoo PC Brand Is Basically Dead

We'd speculated before that Voodoo was essentially toast, but we really wondered what was up when HP appropriated the "Envy" brand and design into HP laptops. Aaaand we it seems from Rahul Sood's latest that it's basically dead. » 9/17/09 6:20pm 9/17/09 6:20pm

The Glorious, Hulking History of 3D Graphics

From the Voodoo1 in 1996 to the wallet-and-pixel crushing Nvidia GeForce GTX 285, Maximum PC recounts the entire history of 3D graphics in ultra-gory detail. A fantastically nerdy way to kill 30 minutes. [Maximum PC] » 5/19/09 9:00am 5/19/09 9:00am

Gallery: Check Out the HP Firebird 803's Liquid-cooled Innards

News of HP's Firebird 803 may have leaked out over the holidays, but now that its been officially announced, we have a batch of photos, including the freakishly tidy insides, as well as pricing details. » 1/06/09 12:02am 1/06/09 12:02am

HP Firefly Has Two Screens, Multitouch, Big Huge Butt

HP is finally joining this weird, new multiple display party with the Voodoo DNA-ed Firefly, which carries a secondary screen, an oddly-placed multitouch trackpad and guts comparable to its powerful desktop counterpart. » 1/02/09 6:18am 1/02/09 6:18am

Voodoo-Designed HP Firebird 803 Is Tiny, Still Has Space for Too Many…

I loved Voodoo Omen's steely, austere looks, so the design of HP's pint-sized Firebird 803 gaming tower with VoodooDNA is kind of disappointing. Oddly, it reminds me of Linkin Park. » 12/23/08 12:50pm 12/23/08 12:50pm

Voodoo Envy 133 Review (Verdict: Plenty Thin, Plenty Pricey)

VoodooPC's Envy 133 » 10/06/08 4:55pm 10/06/08 4:55pm, the world's thinnest laptop, just started shipping, and we scored one of the first production units straight outta Calgary. It's a lithe black laptop that keeps cool while running Vista, a super light machine that's strong as hell thanks to a carbon-fiber frame. It's the size of a MacBook Air with…

Is HP Shutting Down VoodooPC?

Techgage is reporting credible evidence to support a rumor that HP is going to shut down the VoodooPC operation, citing both an internal e-mail discussing layoffs, and the fact that the company returned over 300 power supplies to Topower, a hardware partner. It would be strange for HP to be shutting down its boutique… » 9/22/08 8:17pm 9/22/08 8:17pm

Intel Opens Door for Army of MacBook Air Clones

Muffled by the cacophony of like a million » 8/22/08 1:30pm 8/22/08 1:30pm netbooks and that'll power at the Intel Developer Forum was for ultra-thin notebooks-i.e., the dwarven chips that made the MacBook Air possible. Now that everybody can snag them, expect a surge of that can suck in their gut to fit into . and already use the new chips.…

SplashTop Instant-On Linux OS Gets Hacked to Do More Tricks

Splashtop, the instant-on Linux mini-OS found embedded in many Asus motherboards as well as the Voodoo Envy 133, has been hacked to allow installation of additional apps, access to the computer's main file system, and more. Initial impressions of the Envy » 7/30/08 9:00am 7/30/08 9:00am have noted that Splashtop can go from off to surfing in 15…

Voodoo Envy Impressions Roll In

Laptop and Maximum PC have gotten their hands on Voodoo/HP's Envy 133 thinnest-of-the-thin power notebooks and had some light hands on time. Nothing too shocking has been uncovered—it looks as good in person as it does in pictures, is almost as light as the Macbook Air, and all the rest, but Laptop was able to test… » 7/17/08 8:30pm 7/17/08 8:30pm

Voodoo Envy 133 Configuration Site Goes Live, Full Pricing Revealed

The configuration page for the Voodoo Envy went live today, showing the full pricing scheme for the 133 PC, which starts at $2100 and goes as high as $4000. The low end model features a 1.6 GHz Core 2 Duo processor and an 80GB, 4200 RPM HDD. The high end model has a 1.8 GHz Core 2 Duo, Windows Vista Business Edition… » 7/07/08 7:21pm 7/07/08 7:21pm

HP Blackbird 002 Exhilaration Refresh Packs Newly Loosed Nvidia GTX 280…

HP is one of the first out the door with Nvidia's right-off-the-presses GeForce GTX 280 in its Blackbird 002 Exhilaration edition. Also making up the Blackbird's refreshed guts are an nForce 790i Ultra motherboard ('cause the GTX 280s are in SLI), 1600MHz DDR3 RAM, quad-core Core 2 Extreme processor (QX9770).… » 6/16/08 12:30pm 6/16/08 12:30pm

Inside Voodoo's Gorgeous Omen Gaming Desktop: Totally Tubular

Voodoo's Omen gaming desktop is the best-looking one around. But we (and gamers) care about inner beauty too, and the insides shot by Pocket Lint look like the Matrix's people farm with all of the magenta tubes and cables flying around-a far cry from its clean, steely exterior, though about as neat as one can expect… » 6/11/08 7:20pm 6/11/08 7:20pm

Thinnest Notebook Showdown: Voodoo Envy 133 vs. MacBook Air

Voodoo's Envy 133 notebook is skinny slice of hotness-basically the skinniest notebook alive when it launches (only .7 inches thick), bumping the MacBook Air into the fatty column, courtesy of its .76-inch bulge. It sounds good on paper for the Envy 133, but the Air's slick tapering definitely masks its love handle,… » 6/10/08 1:45pm 6/10/08 1:45pm

Voodoo's Envy 133 Is Thinnest Notebook Alive; Based On Intel Metro…

Voodoo's new Envy 133 will be the thinnest laptop on the market at 0.7". It matches Intel's most holy Metro concept laptop, and with good reason: Says Voodoo, the Envy 133 was "developed using the smallest available Intel Centrino technology and elements from an innovative Intel reference design." This means that,… » 6/10/08 4:00am 6/10/08 4:00am

Voodoo Omen Gaming Desktop Is Most Beautiful Ever, Only $6500-$20,000

I almost don't care what's inside Voodoo's Omen desktop, beyond the usual gaming PC bombast —quad radiator and liquid cooling with integrated copper pipes to stave thermonuclear meltdown for extreme overclocking—because this is the best-looking made-to-order gaming desktop I've ever seen. It looks like a clean,… » 6/10/08 4:00am 6/10/08 4:00am

Voodoo's Teaser Video Shows Actual Product (Kinda)

It's difficult to make out what VoodooPC's teaser video is trying to show, but whatever's in this Indiana Jones of-the-future clip has really clean, metallic lines. There's a quick peek of a laptop in there (maybe?), but all the rest seems like a Mac Pro-esque desktop. We could also be wrong entirely and this could… » 6/05/08 3:44pm 6/05/08 3:44pm

VoodooBuddy Combines Ancient Curses with Modern Technology

With the VoodooBuddy doll, you can finally stop wondering if your pin-pricks-in-effigy are all for naught. Just fire up the VoodooBuddy website, plug in your boss's (or ex, mother-in-law, etc.) contact info, grab the doll and poke away. Pricking certain places on the doll curses your target, who is notified of their… » 5/13/08 8:45pm 5/13/08 8:45pm

Whazatt Chicken Foot Drive, WhazTF?

I was just sitting here thinking that what I really need is a flash drive that looks like a chicken foot and damned if one doesn't show up. Whazatt has a suitably weird flash drive sporting 1GB of flash storage inside and taking the form of a chicken foot that could have come right off the set of Prison Break. » 10/28/07 10:49pm 10/28/07 10:49pm