HP Firefly Has Two Screens, Multitouch, Big Huge Butt

HP is finally joining this weird, new multiple display party with the Voodoo DNA-ed Firefly, which carries a secondary screen, an oddly-placed multitouch trackpad and guts comparable to its powerful desktop counterpart. » 1/02/09 6:18am 1/02/09 6:18am

HP Gaming Mice Have 5 Programmable Profiles, 5 Macro Buttons

HP has two new mice out dedicated to gaming. The HDX Laser Mouse gives you five mouse setting profiles, five programmable macro buttons, and is allegedly eight times faster than conventional mice. The slightly more advanced Laser Gaming Mouse with Voodoo DNA gives you everything the regular laser mouse has, plus HP's… » 9/16/08 12:00am 9/16/08 12:00am