Voodoo Envy 133 Review (Verdict: Plenty Thin, Plenty Pricey)

VoodooPC's Envy 133 »10/06/08 4:55pm10/06/08 4:55pm, the world's thinnest laptop, just started shipping, and we scored one of the first production units straight outta Calgary. It's a lithe black laptop that keeps cool while running Vista, a super light machine that's strong as hell thanks to a carbon-fiber frame. It's the size of a MacBook Air with…


SplashTop Instant-On Linux OS Gets Hacked to Do More Tricks

Splashtop, the instant-on Linux mini-OS found embedded in many Asus motherboards as well as the Voodoo Envy 133, has been hacked to allow installation of additional apps, access to the computer's main file system, and more. Initial impressions of the Envy »7/30/08 9:00am7/30/08 9:00am have noted that Splashtop can go from off to surfing in 15…

Voodoo's Envy 133 Is Thinnest Notebook Alive; Based On Intel Metro Concept Laptop

Voodoo's new Envy 133 will be the thinnest laptop on the market at 0.7". It matches Intel's most holy Metro concept laptop, and with good reason: Says Voodoo, the Envy 133 was "developed using the smallest available Intel Centrino technology and elements from an innovative Intel reference design." This means that,… »6/10/08 4:00am6/10/08 4:00am