HP Just Built a Gaming Laptop. Seriously.

Once upon a time, a tiny company called VoodooPC built some of the most incredible gaming computers around. Now, its owner HP is paying homage with the Omen — the first serious gaming laptop the company has ever made. » 11/04/14 8:00am 11/04/14 8:00am

Voodoo PC Brand Is Basically Dead

We'd speculated before that Voodoo was essentially toast, but we really wondered what was up when HP appropriated the "Envy" brand and design into HP laptops. Aaaand we it seems from Rahul Sood's latest that it's basically dead. » 9/17/09 6:20pm 9/17/09 6:20pm

Which PC Maker Can Weather the Economic Collapse?

CNET has a story on the suitability of the major PC manufacturers' lines to survival in these tough economic times. There will be fewer people shopping for new PCs, and more notably, fewer businesses, and these manufacturers will have to make solid strategic moves to make it out (relatively) unscathed. So out of the… » 11/15/08 6:30pm 11/15/08 6:30pm

VoodooPC Will Survive, But Confirms "Integration" into HP

I just got off the phone with Rahul Sood, founder of VoodooPC, who confirmed that the rumors of Voodoo's demise » 10/03/08 5:02pm 10/03/08 5:02pm were not just premature but "nonsense," but said "HP is asking us to integrate into the larger execution engine." Rahul is comfortable speaking both plainly and in business-ese—what we take this to mean is…

Is HP Shutting Down VoodooPC?

Techgage is reporting credible evidence to support a rumor that HP is going to shut down the VoodooPC operation, citing both an internal e-mail discussing layoffs, and the fact that the company returned over 300 power supplies to Topower, a hardware partner. It would be strange for HP to be shutting down its boutique… » 9/22/08 8:17pm 9/22/08 8:17pm

Voodoo's Teaser Video Shows Actual Product (Kinda)

It's difficult to make out what VoodooPC's teaser video is trying to show, but whatever's in this Indiana Jones of-the-future clip has really clean, metallic lines. There's a quick peek of a laptop in there (maybe?), but all the rest seems like a Mac Pro-esque desktop. We could also be wrong entirely and this could… » 6/05/08 3:44pm 6/05/08 3:44pm

HP Intros Voodoo ENVY M:152 Laptop with Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor

HP announced its overhaul of the ENVY M:151 today with the appropriately numbered ENVY M:152. The 152 is the first Voodoo laptop to get the Intel Core 2 Duo chipset, and can even handle the Intel Core 2 Extreme mobile processor X7800 Extreme CPU.
» 9/26/07 8:49am 9/26/07 8:49am

That doesn't necessarily mean "quiet" of course. []

HP's Voodoo-Powered Blackbird 002 Unveiled By Creator (Video)

Click to viewTonight in New York, VoodooPC cofounder (and HP employee) Rahul Sood shows off his newest miracle of PC science, the Blackbird 002. It's a little long (7min, 30sec or so) so you might want to grab a beverage. –Video by Richard Blakeley » 9/05/07 9:18pm 9/05/07 9:18pm

VoodooPC's Intel Core 2 Extreme-Based Omen Desktops

VoodooPC has announced the availability of Intel Core 2 Extreme-based high performance desktops. Part of the Omen series, the desktops are among the first to make use of Intel's just-announced Core 2 CPUs. As is always the case, being a member of the early adopter club comes at a hefty price, with base configurations… » 7/31/06 2:10pm 7/31/06 2:10pm

VoodooPC ENVY u:734 Gaming Laptop

VoodooPC, the maker of some slick gaming laptops, has introduced a 17" Core Duo laptop with 2 GB of DDR2 RAM and a GeForce Go 7900. The downside, both to your wallet and to your lap, is that it's $3,800 and weighs 8.1 lbs. » 6/02/06 6:10pm 6/02/06 6:10pm

VoodooPC ENVY U909 SLI: Laptop to the Max

Here's a company that's putting all the heavy juju it can think of into a laptop, and the result is the VoodooPC ENVY U909 SLI Laptop, going over the top with two NVIDIA GeForce 7800GTX graphics cards in an SLI configuration and an AMD Turion 64 processor. The thing is huge, though, with a 19-inch 1680x1050 screen,… » 3/14/06 8:39am 3/14/06 8:39am