Sandy-Soaked New Jerseyans Will Be Able to Vote by Email

Rather than let a hurricane disenfranchise thousands of displaced New Jersey residents, Governor Chris Christie has given a green-light for voting by email or fax. Are the security concerns? Sure. But if you're going to pilot a e-voting program, at least it's in a situation that has no other choice, and that isn't… »11/04/12 11:30am11/04/12 11:30am

Vote For Giz: Not Too Proud to Beg Like Doggies Humping USB Drives

The old Giz doesn't ask for much, but all we need are a few more votes for us in the 2006 Weblog Awards. We're almost in front, just behind that AOL organization that rhymes with Bob Saget. Please vote for the Giz for Best Technology Blog. Tomorrow (Friday) at midnight is the deadline, and you can vote once every 24… »12/14/06 6:33pm12/14/06 6:33pm