Los Angeles Is Redesigning the Voting Experience To Be Not Awful

The last time I voted in LA, I used a fat marker to place a black splotch on a Scantron-like form inserted between the pages of a plastic booklet. The form never lined up exactly, and the design of the booklet was so confusing, I’m pretty sure I voted for the wrong person. Now (thankfully) LA is overhauling its… »7/13/15 8:05pm7/13/15 8:05pm


Nearly 70 percent of voters this election are casting paper ballots

We can pay for Starbucks with our phones, but most people walking into polling stations for the 2014 midterm elections will cast their ballots using something far simpler than a digitized machine or a mobile phone: Paper ballots remain commonplace in the U.S., filled out with a pen or pencil depending on the exact… »11/04/14 11:08am11/04/14 11:08am

Voting Machines Coincidentally Elect Voting Machine as President

Click to view »11/05/08 9:50am11/05/08 9:50am It's amazing that you can fall asleep with the polls showing one thing and wake up to a world you don't even recognize. Despite who I may have supported as of November 4th, as a fervent supporter of both democracy and touchscreen technology, I accept DRE 700:259 as the 44th President of the United…

Question of the Day: Do You Prefer a Paper Ballot or a Voting Machine?

When I went to vote this afternoon, I was kind of disappointed to find that my location was using paper ballots. Not that I have anything against that really—other than the waste of paper it is actually pretty hard to screw up as a voter (although, once my ballot was scanned I suppose anything can happen). I guess the… »11/04/08 7:00pm11/04/08 7:00pm

Voting Machine Tutorial Uploads To iPod, So You Don't Accidentally Vote For Pat Buchanan

Connecticut's Secretary of State released a video on YouTube explaining how to use the state's new optical scan voting machines. The video is also available for download to something called an "iPOD." It is frightening to think of an electoral process where you're encouraged to watch a training video over and over.… »8/24/07 9:45am8/24/07 9:45am

Diebold Pulls a Reverse Cingular, Rebrands Voting Machine Division

Diebold takes such pride in the secure craftsmanship of its voting machines that it's changing the name of that division to Premier Election Solutions Inc., and even giving it its own board of directors. This is after no one stepped up to take the division off of Diebold's hands, probably because they'd feel guilty… »8/17/07 12:11am8/17/07 12:11am

Diebold Sues Massachusetts Because the State Doesn't Like Them

Diebold, everyone's favorite manufacturer of easily hacked voting machines, wasn't happy when the Commonwealth of Massachusetts decided to go with one of their competitors when purchasing voting machines for the disabled. In fact, their feelings were so badly hurt by the snub that they've decided to sue the state. »3/26/07 6:10pm3/26/07 6:10pm