Watch Saturn and Its Moons Dance in This Video Made Entirely of Stills

Video artist Sander van cen Berg created this winsome video entirely out of still images from NASA's Cassini and Voyager missions. Because the video is constructed like a flipbook, it also has a retro feel that's hard to beat. » 4/23/12 7:00pm 4/23/12 7:00pm

Nasa IBEX Probe to Go Where Only Voyager Has Gone Before

On October 19, NASA will launch the IBEX, or Interstellar Boundary Explorer, into a 130 mile earth orbit to begin mapping the very edge of our solar system. This region of space, also known by the kick ass scientific name "termination shock," is rife with mystery. Only the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft have ventured there,… » 10/13/08 8:40am 10/13/08 8:40am

Verizon Visual Voicemail Hits LG Voyager, Sadly Not Free

Sorry to get everyone's hope up-the rumor that VZW's visual voicemail was to be gratis apparently only referred to the app download. To actually use the service, it'll cost you $2.99/month per line, plus data and airtime charges, to hold up to 40 messages for 40 days. It's only available for LG Voyager owners at the… » 8/11/08 11:45am 8/11/08 11:45am

Verizon Visual Voicemail to Be Free For Supported Phones?

Eagle-eyed spotters recently took note of a few visual voicemail tidbits inadvertently pushed live on Verizon's site (now removed), most notably that the service will potentially be free. The site is down now so this remains in the rumor department (where are the screenshots, guys?), but if true, the reports go against … » 8/04/08 6:30pm 8/04/08 6:30pm

iPhone Clone Battlemodo: Which One Is the iPhoniest?

Okay, so the iPhone 3G is going to be the second coming of Jesus in pocketable form, but maybe you're a rebel and don't wanna look exactly like the estimated 27 million other tools expected to be running around with an iPhone by 2009. You wanna be different. (Or maybe you can't seem to break out of that damn Sprint… » 6/19/08 2:00pm 6/19/08 2:00pm

Visual Voicemail Coming to Verizon... For a Price

Rumor has it that Verizon Wireless will be joining AT&T and Sprint in offering visual voicemail, in this case on four upcoming phones: LG's Chocolate 3 and an updated Voyager (possible software update but more likely hardware refresh), along with the mysteriously code-named "Blaze" and "Utopia" from Motorola. That's more… » 6/17/08 11:19pm 6/17/08 11:19pm

Rumor Smashed: LG Voyager NOT Coming to Sprint or AT&T

Earlier this week, we posted a rumor about the possibility of the LG Voyager coming to Sprint and AT&T. We finally got in touch with LG reps, who told us the rumor is false, false, false. They say they have no intention of bringing the Voyager to Sprint, AT&T or any other carrier and don't know how the rumor started. [LG … » 4/16/08 12:50pm 4/16/08 12:50pm