A Design Flaw Is Turning the London Shard Hotel Into a Voyeur's Dream

You'd think staying in the tallest skyscraper in London would afford you some privacy. But visitors at the newly-opened hotel inside of the Shard are being creeped out by the bizarre effects of a simple design flaw—which reflects the view inside of certain rooms directly onto the windows of nearby guests at night. »5/12/14 10:42am5/12/14 10:42am


Japanese Company Hides CCTV Cameras in Cute Statues, Hopes No One Notices

For some, the all-seeing CCTV camera is a bit off putting. Its uncaring eye records all, making even a simple trip to the ATM an adventure in privacy rights for our more conservative-minded citizens. In Japan, they understand this, and in typical Japanese fashion they've started hiding surveillance cameras in… »11/30/08 1:30pm11/30/08 1:30pm

Google StreetView Spies Burning Home (Probably Microsoft Guy's House)

Google StreetView has been a peculiar bird since its inception earlier this century. It's been banned for voyeurism, the trampling of privacy rights, and other infractions, but then again it's also been known to capture a few nose pickers or two-so it's a wash as far as I'm concerned. Today, we received word it has… »8/10/08 11:00am8/10/08 11:00am