Damn, the Best Way to Get American Netflix Abroad Is Actually Shady

As an American living in Canada, there’s one Chrome extension I cherish more than any other: Hola Unblocker, a free VPN designed to help people abroad watch American Netflix, and other streaming US media. Unfortunately, it turns out Hola is up to some dubious business practices, ones that could put its users at risk. »5/28/15 5:35pm5/28/15 5:35pm

Iran's Blocking VPNs To Tighten Its Stranglehold on the Internet

Iran and the Internet don't exactly get along. Between trying to shut down all Google services and replacing YouTube with a state-sponsored clone, Iran has been making moves to make its intranet the place to be. By blocking everything else. Until now, tech-savvy and Internet-loving Iranians have been able to use VPNs… »3/10/13 8:00pm3/10/13 8:00pm