Mind-blowing video shows how humans are basically bad copies of amoebas

Vsauce, the master answerer of life's toughest questions and professional blower of minds, tackles something so philosophical in his latest video that you'll start to wonder what in the hell our purpose is on this Earth. And if it's any different than a purpose of a rock. It starts with the discussion of art and then… » 4/15/14 1:58am 4/15/14 1:58am

Who Owns The Moon?

The moon is not as far away as some things, but it's definitely farther away than your nearest McDonalds or the bottom of the ocean or, you know, anything on Earth at all. Basically it's not easily accessible. So it would be pretty presumptuous for a person or group to say that they owned a certain part of it. Or all… » 9/15/13 8:00pm 9/15/13 8:00pm

What It Would Be Like If You Were Trapped Inside a Mirror Sphere

There's not a single soul in the world who doesn't love it when they get to see the endless world that appears when you're in a room of mirrors. I remember trying to count as a kid how many versions of myself I could see. But what would happen if you were in a perfect mirror sphere? Vsauce, as only he can, explains and … » 8/10/13 1:00am 8/10/13 1:00am

Is It Possible to Defend Comic Sans?

It's nearly impossible to use Comic Sans on the Internet and not get tarred and feathered. It's an Internet sin of the highest level. A crime against human decency and people's eyeballs. A parody of a joke of a fool. Universally hated. So... is it possible to defend the font? Is Comic Sans wrongfully reviled? Maybe! » 2/11/13 9:00pm 2/11/13 9:00pm

Guns in Space, and How to Kill Our Sun

MinutePhysics showed us what would happen if the Earth were hollow, but that was just one part of the nerdy YouTube channel tag team this weekend. Here's the other half, wherein we learn how big a gun you'd need for the bullet to orbit the moon and hit you in the back of the head, and how to put out the Sun. (Please… » 8/27/12 9:40am 8/27/12 9:40am