Verizon's LG Dare Full Review (Verdict: Best iClone Yet)

"Dare to be different," the saying goes, but the LG Dare is really Verizon Wireless's attempt to fit in, to offer a phone that's more like the AT&T LG Vu and Sprint Samsung Instinct, not to mention Apple's similarly priced iPhone 3G. The truth is, the Dare may not be as glamorous or well-priced as the Instinct, but it… »6/30/08 7:03pm6/30/08 7:03pm


Hands-on With AT&T's LG VU Multimedia Phone (AT&T Mobile TV is No Joke)

Click to viewThe AT&T LG Vu is the latest multimedia touchscreen phone on the floor at CTIA, offering haptic touchscreen feedback, Mobile TV and a pretty intuitive user interface. While the presentation of the hardware and software is beautiful, and the AT&T's MediaFlo-powered Mobile TV service is pretty slick, the… »4/01/08 2:46pm4/01/08 2:46pm