Walmart's For-Pay Blu-ray Ripping Is Now Slightly Less Annoying, Still…

If you're looking to convert DVDs and BluRay discs to a digital format and want it to be easy, but not too easy, and definitely not free, Walmart has the service for you. They're automating their Disc-to-Digital service so you can get UltraViolet versions of movies you've already bought. » 1/07/13 11:51am 1/07/13 11:51am

Video-On-Demand: A Complete Guide to All the TV and Movie Downloading…

Stop watching movies and TV shows according to Hollywood's schedule! With video-on-demand, you can watch TV whenever you want, wherever you want, and you don't even have to remember to program a box to record it. Here's MaximumPC's take on the major online VOD services available today. » 5/11/11 10:00am 5/11/11 10:00am

Boxee Getting Vudu Streaming HD Movie Rentals

The D-Link Boxee Box (in addition to Boxee clients for PC and Mac) will offer HD movie rentals when it lands in living rooms in coming weeks, courtesy of a new partnership with Vudu. Vudu's full HD rentals—1080p, Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 Surround Sound—cost 2 bucks a pop for two nights of viewing. Not a bad service to… » 10/28/10 10:39am 10/28/10 10:39am

Walmart Kills Vudu's Porn Section Altogether

Just as we feared, Walmart is eliminating Vudu's "After Dark" section after purchasing the streaming company/technology for $100 million. Walmart, who doesn't sell adult films and only sells edited version of some music, basically just did what was in line with their image. Sad, since Vudu was the only big video… » 2/24/10 4:01pm 2/24/10 4:01pm

Why Walmart Paid $100 Million (!!) for Vudu

Vudu, despite being a swanky video service with delicious 1080p streaming, never made any money. So why did Walmart just drop $100 million on a failing service? Peter Kafka reports it's because Vudu convinced Walmart its video compression was nigh-wizardry. » 2/22/10 5:19pm 2/22/10 5:19pm

Vudu Brings Apps, By The Hundreds, To Big Name TVs and Blu-ray Players

Whoa. This summer we were pretty excited about Vudu bringing Rotten Tomatoes to connected LG hardware. Take that excitement, add hardware from Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Sharp, Toshiba, and Vizio, and multiply it by hundreds of services and you've got Vudu Apps. » 1/06/10 1:33pm 1/06/10 1:33pm

Vudu Streaming Goes Live on LG BD390, With Added (Rotten) Tomatoes

Vudu promised its 1080p a la carte streaming movie service would be coming to the LG BD390 Blu-ray player by the end of last month, making LG's connected box just about the best on the market. Well, it's a little late, but it's here, and it brings with it some new goodies: namely, Rotten Tomatoes integration. » 10/13/09 9:27am 10/13/09 9:27am

Hands On With Vudu On LG: 1080p, Like, Now

Don't get me wrong: the announcement that LG's connected HDTVs are getting Vudu streaming—especially instant-on 1080p HDX movies—is a good thing. It's just that we got a few minutes with the service, and, well, something's a little... off. » 7/29/09 11:00am 7/29/09 11:00am