Van-Tastic: VZ Navigator Gets Traffic Avoidance, Gas Finder, 3D View

Verizon's latest VZ Navigator update adds popular features already found in other mobile navi software like Telenav. The big one is traffic avoidance: in 75 cities, routes will be plotted using reliable historical traffic data along with realtime reports from Navteq Traffic. VZW doesn't say how frequently the realtime… »4/01/08 10:45am4/01/08 10:45am

Verizon Wireless Revamps Price Plans To Integrate Mobile Web, Per-MB Data Charges

Up until now, Verizon Wireless has charged people with any America's Choice plan $5 per month extra to use the Mobile Web for any reason, and has charged airtime minutes while you use it. In a transition that is intended to pave the way for more variety of data usage, VZW is dropping America's Choice altogether. The… »11/01/07 12:00am11/01/07 12:00am