Sony Ericsson's w960 with 8GB, WiFi, Touch and the W910's Shake Controller

Here's a deeper look at the Walkman phone line's latest high end model, the W960, most notable for its generous and 8GB of storage, Wi-Fi, 3.2 MP cam, and a 320x240 pixel touchscreen that can be used to browse media. Sounds familiar to Apple's offering, except for the physical keypad and it only has European 3G, no… » 6/14/07 5:33pm 6/14/07 5:33pm

Sony Ericsson and Gracenote Unleash Mobile Music 2.0

Sony Ericsson's partnering up with Gracenote to provide an even better TrackID-like service called Mobile Music 2.0. Available on the Sony Ericsson W910 and K850 (both shipping Q4 2007), Mobile Music can use Gracenote's DB to search for artist name, track, album, or lyrics, and download songs from Sony Ericsson's… » 6/14/07 1:14pm 6/14/07 1:14pm