Cooking random foods in a waffle iron is the funnest way to cook

Don’t like to cook? Think making dinner is too complicated? Here’s how to solve all your problems: cook everything you can imagine in a waffle iron. Not only is it easy as hell, anything you throw in there eventually becomes waffle shaped deliciousness. Our friends at ChefSteps made waffle dumplings, waffle frozen… »7/14/15 3:23am7/14/15 3:23am


Most Popular Waffle Iron: Waring Pro Double Belgian

Voting was razor close, but the Waring Pro Double Belgian Waffle Maker took home the title of your favorite waffle iron. It was the only model of the five finalists that could cook two waffles at once, which is a huge plus if you’re preparing breakfast for a large group. »5/15/15 3:15pm5/15/15 3:15pm

What's The Best Waffle Iron?

You don’t need to be a Leslie Knope-level waffle aficionado to get a ton of use out of a good waffle iron. In fact, even if you never make a single waffle, you could still justify owning one just to cook hash browns, churros, mozzarella sticks, 90-second cookies, pre-packaged cinnamon rolls, and even crispy bacon. »5/11/15 3:15pm5/11/15 3:15pm

Apple's Lion Is Extreme Right Political Party's Image, Too

It's ironic that the poster cat for Apple's Mac OS X Lion is exactly the same image used by a extreme right political party. The stock photo—titled "The King", by Ronnie Howard—was available at Shutterstock and Fotolia, but it has been removed. You can still find it at Pixmac for $10.66. Just a few minutes after our… »10/21/10 12:00pm10/21/10 12:00pm

Batter Blaster Spews Canned Pancakes Like They're Easy Cheese

Pancakes are a pain in the ass to make, but not any more with Batter Blaster. Just spray this organic pancake goo onto a hot skillet and your steamy breakfast is just a couple of minutes away, bacon not included. If you don't mind using Cheez Whiz Easy Cheese in its spray can, this looks like just about the same… »10/26/07 12:15pm10/26/07 12:15pm