An Austin Airport Is Counting Cell Phones to Predict TSA Wait Times

If you're passing through security at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, do everyone a favor and make sure you have your phone's Wi-Fi or Bluetooth turned on. Sure, it might be a teensy bit of a battery suck—but it will also help tell everyone around you just how long they'll be spending in airport security… » 10/23/14 4:17pm 10/23/14 4:17pm

New Palm OS, 18 Months Around Corner. Too Late?

As reported yeterday, Palm's upcoming OS is a ways out: 18 months to be specific. After Palm's unfulfilled tryst with the Foleo, engineers from that project have been moved to OS development. But all the same, engineers can't get the Linux-based project completed fast enough. So what do you think, readers? Will your… » 10/03/07 8:23am 10/03/07 8:23am

Detroit Metro Airport Gets a Cellphone Lane

Following in the steps of our somewhat-local airport in San Jose, Detroit's Mcnamara Terminal at the Metropolitan Airport is getting their own cellphone waiting lane. Just like cellphone waiting areas, this 50-car-length lane, dubbed Dingell Lane, will accommodate cars waiting to pick up arriving passengers. Park here… » 11/21/06 7:15pm 11/21/06 7:15pm