REMY Biometric Blanket Wakes You with News on Your Snooze

Designer Dasha Anokhina has created a concept that takes Glo pillow's design to a new level: REMY is a whole dawn-simulating alarm blanket. The system monitors your sleeping movements with a bedside camera. Then, near your chosen alarm time, the blanket begins to light up with an image representing your sleep pattern,… »5/27/08 6:25am5/27/08 6:25am

The Boynq Wake Up: Just When You Were Getting Sick and Tired of iPod Docks

If you are anything like me, the whole iPod dock thing is getting way, way old. However, one look at this stylish Boynq Wake Up iPod Dock Alarm Clock is (almost) enough to make you fall in love with iPod docks again. The Wake Up isn't just a pretty face however, because it also features a 20-watt amp, a wireless… »10/25/07 6:50pm10/25/07 6:50pm