The Best Alarm Clock App for Android

A perfectly serviceable alarm clock and timer comes with your Android phone, so you might not think to download another one. That may be true, but if you’re looking for more features, more customization options, and more powerful alarms than your stock clock comes with, Gentle Alarm is here—and we think it’s the best. »7/20/15 7:45pm7/20/15 7:45pm


Wake up! First Sun Warrior of the Morning Challenge Kit Turns Waking Up Into Crazy Anime Game

Japanese toy company People has released a new age alarm clock that supposedly helps kids wake up by turning them into Ultraman. It's called the Okiro! Asa Ichiban Taiyou Senshi - Charenjaa Kitto (Wake up! First Sun Warrior of the Morning - challenger kit) and was manufactured for the Japanese Ministry of Education… »6/21/08 5:00pm6/21/08 5:00pm