This Wonderful Time Lapse Walk Captures New York's Holiday Feeling…

Walking through the New York wonderland during the holidays could be a pretty magical experience. This video, made by Cris Magliozzi, captures that feeling perfectly. It's a very special time lapse, made while he was walking from Central Park to Rockefeller Center. » 12/22/11 7:42am 12/22/11 7:42am

A Supercollar For Super Strong Pups

Such a dilemma. You have a dog that loves to walk, but he's so powerful that a standard leash and collar won't work. Relax, don't worry. Just grab a supercollar. » 7/08/11 2:00am 7/08/11 2:00am

The Best Job In the World (Just In Case You Had Any Doubts)

I said if before, but really, look at him. That's astronaut Lee Morin during his first spacewalk on mission STS-110, outside Atlantis back in April 2002. » 4/08/11 1:20pm 4/08/11 1:20pm

How Far Did Armstrong and Aldrin Really Walk On The Moon?

Yesterday, Neil Armstrong explained why they didn't run wild around the Moon. I was curious about how much him and Buzz Aldrin actually walked. To give you a sense of perspective, here are their walks over a baseball and soccer field: » 12/10/10 8:20pm 12/10/10 8:20pm

Rumor: MWg to Launch Windows Mobile 7 Device This Year

One fun rumor bopping around the phone sites is that MWg, the smartphone maker previously known as O2 Asia, will be rolling out a Windows Mobile 7 phone in the fourth quarter of 2008, specifically the Flame II shown above. That's about a year earlier than we last heard. Everyone sounds skeptical, but you never know,… » 5/11/08 8:29pm 5/11/08 8:29pm

Skating Robot 'Swims' on Land

This is the Roller-Walker, a four-legged robot which can either walk conventionally or skate on retractable wheels. At the end of each leg there is a wheel which can turn 90 degrees to act as a foot. On rough surfaces the robot walks, but if it comes across a smoother surface then it swings out its wheels and skates… » 9/04/07 7:44am 9/04/07 7:44am

MIT Plans to Steal Your Energy to Light Public Buildings

Two MIT grad students want to install devices in public buildings that generate electricity from footsteps. They want to install a type of floor that will power train stations and other commuter-heavy areas. The problem is that this energy has to come from somewhere - you. This type of floor will depress slightly when… » 7/26/07 7:34am 7/26/07 7:34am