Microsoft's First Retail Store Opens (Like Apple Store With More Colors)

You've seen the mockup of the Microsoft Store, now step inside for a look around the real thing. We asked Phoenix-area stringer Dennis Tarwood to head over to the snooty mall and check things out. Here's what he experienced: » 10/22/09 5:00pm 10/22/09 5:00pm

Official HTC Touch HD Walkthrough Whets Our Appetites Further

HTC has let loose this official video showing off the HTC Touch HD—and although it's more of a too-brief commercial than an actual walkthrough, it gives a quick look at browsing, maps and images on that glorious 3.8-inch 480x800 screen. And after this tease, why not take a look back at those lucky French » 10/03/08 11:30am 10/03/08 11:30am who handled…

Sidekick LX Interface Walkthrough

Boy Genius has a walkthrough of the Sidekick LX, which you still can't buy now, but will be able to get soon. They take you through the phone, myFaves, AIM, music playback, MSN, and Emailing screens, you can take a look at below. Kick on over to Boy Genius to see the entire gallery. [Boy Genius Report]
» 10/02/07 9:40pm 10/02/07 9:40pm

HTC Touch Dual Slider Video Walkthrough

If you're at all interested in HTC's Touch Dual, also known as the sliding version of the HTC Touch, you should take a look at eXpansys's video walkthrough of its features. The top TouchFlo interface is the same as the HTC Touch, which you've seen before, but the slide-out keypad is gives a really satisfying *click*.… » 10/02/07 5:40pm 10/02/07 5:40pm