The Walking Dead Has Reportedly Filmed Death Scenes for All 11 of Negan's Potential Victims

The situation revolving around The Walking Dead’s latest cliffhanger—a recreation of an infamous murder scene from the comics that AMC has managed to stretch out so far for two months and counting—is pretty ridiculous. Turns out, however, that its absurdity cannot match the lengths AMC is going to keep the outcome…

The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Does His Best to Justify That Cliffhanger

The Walking Dead’s season six finale aired a full month ago, but its cliffhanger ending—who did Negan pick as his victim?—proved so controversial that fans are still fuming about it. Now, TWD comic writer and creator Robert Kirkman has addressed the issue, although it still might not assuage those fans who felt…

The Latest Character to Return to Game of Thrones Could Have Huge Ramifications

Sam Jackson confirms when he’ll return to the Marvel movieverse. Will Smith teases an encounter with the Dark Knight in Suicide Squad. A familiar face is confirmed for The Defenders. Arrow’s producers promise better flashbacks. Plus, teases for an ‘explosive’ opening to the next season of The Walking Dead. To me, my…


Why Is The Walking Dead's Cliffhanger So Much Worse Than Game of Thrones'?

Greetings! Lots of hot topics in this week’s mailbag: The Walking Dead’s incredibly aggravating finale! Rogue One confusion! Batman v Superman possibly breaking up a potential marriage! Remember: If you have pop culture questions, need nerd life advice, or have a “what if” scenario, email your friendly…

Captain America: Civil War Could Have a Massively Important Luke Cage Easter Egg

We could still be getting more solo Superman movies soon. Meet some brand new Star Trek aliens. The producers of Arrow tease tonight’s big death reveal. There’s more fallout from The Walking Dead’s controversial finale, Plus, the return of Salem, and hopes for Supergirl season two. Behold, Spoilers!

The End of Star Wars Rebels Could Be Coming Sooner Than Anyone Expected

Joe Russo discusses Civil War’s darker tone. Jared Leto extols the virtues of playing the Joker in Suicide Squad. Gwendoline Christie promises more Brienne action on Game of Thrones this year. Plus Ewan McGregor is game for an Obi-Wan movie, new pictures from Arrow, and a new SHIELD clip. To me, my Spoilers!