Walking Stick With Suspension, Flashlight and Flashing Signal is Perfect for Supergran

Were I an old geezer right now, my gadget-cravings would no doubt include this multifunction walking stick. It's adjustable, has in-built suspension, an LED flashlight, flashing signals and an alarm and is one bad-ass walking assistance device. Ok, so it's probably designed mainly for hikers and other outdoorsy-types,… »8/18/08 8:44am8/18/08 8:44am

Walking Stick Fishing Pole: Perfect for Dr. House's Days Off?

A walking stick, with a catch. Well, potentially a catch anyway: with a reel and 8# fishing line, this mashup gadget enables you to combined fishing with your countryside strolls. It's 35-inches high, with a rubber foot and metal/plastic reel, and is available now for $39.95. On second thoughts, House wouldn't so much… »6/27/08 6:59am6/27/08 6:59am

Walking Stick with Built-in Telescope: for the Victorian Perv in You

Not quite as high-tech as the CIA spy gear Wilson's been showing, but almost a steampunk modding of a normal walking stick... this cane with built-in telescope gave me a smile the moment I saw it. Mainly because I pictured a Victorian gent strolling along, then popping out the 3x mag telescope to steal a forbidden… »5/23/08 5:47am5/23/08 5:47am