Sony Ericsson's Alicia Walkman Phone Tour Video is Slicktastic

Sony Ericsson's upcoming "Alicia" Walkman phone has a very interesting circle on the outside of its flip-casing. This video lets us in on its secret—it's a display? If we're interpreting it correctly, the front surface might have two displays, one small square one on top of the larger circular one, which also acts as… »6/12/08 6:06pm6/12/08 6:06pm

Sony Ericsson W660i: The Walkman Phone with Snap-on Speakers

The boys at Sony Ericsson expanded their Walkman phone line up this morning with the W660i. Available in black or rose, the phone will have an optional speaker stand that clamps on to the bottom of the phone. A bundled 512MB Memory Stick Micro card will get you started with your music collection, as well as save those… »3/14/07 2:05pm3/14/07 2:05pm