Chinese Hackers Have Also Been Hacking The Wall Street Journal

Not to be left out in the old boys club of the Great Chinese Hacking Scandal of 2013, the Wall Street Journal included themselves with the New York Times as being hacked by Chinese operatives. That's two big name dead tree media organizations getting hacked by China. Who's next? » 1/31/13 6:00pm 1/31/13 6:00pm

This Projection Scale Embarrasses You Into Losing Weight

Here's a new weight loss tool that uses public humiliation to force you to lose weight. Available from Hammacher Schlemmer, the projection scale will display your current weight on the wall ... where everyone can see it. » 8/11/11 1:30am 8/11/11 1:30am

Hide Ugly Cables Inside Fake Green Vines

Hate cables that run across your wall and look ridiculously ugly? If you are into the organic look, you should check out these Florafil cable covers from Tania da Cruz. » 7/04/11 6:30pm 7/04/11 6:30pm

Bambi Rescued By the Jaws of Life

What do you do when you find a baby deer trapped underneath a pile of rocks? Call your local firefighters, who extract the poor creature using the largest power tool they could find—the Jaws of Life. » 5/24/11 2:00am 5/24/11 2:00am

270,000 Lego Bricks Make Up this Great Wall of Lego

Lene Rønsholt Wille, a Denmark-based designer, made this absolutely stunning Great Wall of Lego. It took her six weeks to build! She used 270,000 pieces! Can you even imagine what it would be like to play around with 270,000 Lego bricks? Heaven, I'm pretty sure. » 5/04/11 12:00am 5/04/11 12:00am

Display Your Favorite Magazines in Minimalist, Modernist Style

"Guidelines" turns your current magazine collection, or just your favorite covers, into a striking focal point on your wall. It's created with two strips of powder-coated metal, bent into an attractive series of right angles. » 8/31/10 1:20am 8/31/10 1:20am

ROCR Bot Swings Up Walls Like a Monkey

The list of places we will be safe from robot attack continues to shrink, as the ROCR robot, courtesy of the University of Utah, can now efficiently scale walls. The diminutive bot can climb over six inches per second. » 8/05/10 6:00pm 8/05/10 6:00pm

Why Paint Your Room When You Can Get a Color-Changing Wall Instead

See this wall of colorful squares? It's actually a concept design consisting of a bunch of small triangular panels which can be spun 'round on whim to change the way your room looks. Or to spell out naughty things. » 2/08/10 7:40pm 2/08/10 7:40pm

Wall Of iPads Could Be Used In Libraries To Display iBooks, Just Like…

If only Apple had recreated its app wall from WWDC last year, but with iPads! The 300 iPads used in this concept wall from Austraian architects would cost $149,700 if it was real. Apple could've afforded it, I'm sure. » 1/29/10 8:40am 1/29/10 8:40am

Collapse Of Berlin Wall Recreated With 1,000 Giant Dominoes

On November 9, 1989, thousands rushed through the ruins of the Berlin Wall, celebrating the unity of East and West. 20 years later, millions across the world watched as one thousand seven-and-a-half foot tall dominoes fell marking the occasion. » 11/09/09 10:40pm 11/09/09 10:40pm

The Man Wall

If you still don't know what you're getting Dad for Father's Day, HybridSpace Furniture has come up with an all-in-one home entertainment "Man Wall," which includes gadgets that are stereotypically man. » 6/18/09 8:40pm 6/18/09 8:40pm

Recycle Years of Broken Hard Drives into a Surprisingly Non-Dorky Clock

Instructables has posted a guide to breaking down 3.5" hard drives and creating a wall clock out of the pieces. The guide calls for a bunch of the washers used to separate hard drive platters as well as the innards of a cheapie clock the builder had lying around. It's a pretty easy project, but what's remarkable is… » 11/01/08 1:00pm 11/01/08 1:00pm

Doha's "Wall": The World's First Underground Stadium

When the new "Wall" Stadium set to be built in Doha, Qatar is completed in 2010, it will be the first underground stadium ever constructed. Nicknamed "The Laptop" for obvious reasons, the stadium will have no traditional floodlights. Instead, the lights will be embedded into the architecture, which adds to the clean… » 9/09/08 12:00pm 9/09/08 12:00pm

Safretti's Latest Wall-Mounted Gaya Fireplace Looks Like a Flaming Mouth

Safretti's latest in their line of wall-mounted fireplaces for urban living spaces without proper wood burning ventilation looks a lot like a mouth. A mouth much like the mouths Seth MacFarlane likes to draw on inanimate objects on Family Guy, which is why we picture this thing spewing obscenities, as well as 7.1kW of… » 3/17/08 6:30pm 3/17/08 6:30pm

MisuraEmme Wall Combines Home Entertainment With Booze

When we've got enough money to get what looks like a 1500-sq-ft living room/home theater area, we're going to load one wall up with a MisuraEmme wall system. Not because it classes up the place in a way that cardboard boxes just do not, but because it combines a sliding flat-screen TV with a self-contained home… » 1/14/08 1:06pm 1/14/08 1:06pm

Erotic Wall of Undulating Subwoofers

The North hall of CES is like a different planet. Car culture dominates geek culture here, but you still find weird things like this mini wall of 7-inch Kicker solo-baric L7 subs. They were outputting a low roar that felt like a massage or subtle brush against my skin when I leaned in close. I wouldn't say it was… » 1/08/08 11:20pm 1/08/08 11:20pm

Spiderman Suit To Allow Future Humans To Scale Walls, Wear Silly Suit

Other than firemen, the military and masked vigilantes, there probably isn't a huge market for a suit that allows you to scale up walls. However, Italian scientists have calculated how much stickiness a suit needs to mimic the ability of insects and spiders to climb up a wall without peeing their pants in fear of… » 8/29/07 4:40pm 8/29/07 4:40pm

Velcro Wall Socket is Kinda Useless

This concept Velcro wall socket seems like it would be a good idea on paper, seeing as it attaches Velcro to both the socket and AC adapters so you can keep them close when not in use. But in practice, the fact that you can keep a plug attached close to the wall, instead of on the floor, does very little to act "as a… » 7/05/07 1:45pm 7/05/07 1:45pm

The Wall Clock

Now you can smirk smugly as you tell your houseguests that you've got a "wall clock". See, it's a clock that only has a center piece for the mechanism and the hands, plus twelve dots you stick onto your wall. » 6/04/07 6:50pm 6/04/07 6:50pm