Display Your Favorite Magazines in Minimalist, Modernist Style

"Guidelines" turns your current magazine collection, or just your favorite covers, into a striking focal point on your wall. It's created with two strips of powder-coated metal, bent into an attractive series of right angles. » 8/31/10 1:20am 8/31/10 1:20am

Laziness and Creativity Combine for Some High Tech Wallpaper

Sometimes, reaching for that lamp is just too much work. The Living Wall lets you hit the lights with a swipe of your hand. I hope they give you a choice of colors. [High-Low Tech via Inhabitat] » 8/18/10 1:00am 8/18/10 1:00am

Space Invaders on Your Wall

Relive the halcyon days of your youth with these Space Invaders decals from wall graphics company Blik. Available in assorted colors, you get a pack of eight of the 13-inch diameter stick-on invaders along with the missile base that will keep you safe for $45. All you need is a couple of sixpacks to get the room… » 2/25/06 12:07pm 2/25/06 12:07pm

Radiator Heat Wave Gives a Warm Look to Your Walls and You, Too

Droog Design cranks up the heat with Radiator Heat Wave, a piece of wall art that actually generates radiant heat. Made of concrete and aluminum, the whole thing is held together with glass fiber and is available now. Droog Design says a water version of the Heat Wave is on its way in 2007. There s something pleasing… » 2/10/06 4:10pm 2/10/06 4:10pm