Furniture Mate Free-Standing Solution to Mounting Your Flat-Panel TV

If you have a flat panel TV, wall mounting is the way to go—but getting things set up is an undeniable pain in the ass. Salamander designs have devised an alternative option for lazy people like myself who want the wall mount look without the work. The Synchro Furniture Mate slides in behind your cabinet, resulting in… » 11/21/08 5:00pm 11/21/08 5:00pm

Question of the Day: Is Your Flat Panel TV Wall-Mounted Or On a Stand?

Obviously, one of the biggest advantages to owning a flat panel TV is that it is usually light enough and thin enough to be wall-mounted. It reduces clutter and it makes the TV less of an eyesore when it is placed in a tastefully decorated room. For those reasons, I prefer a wall-mounted TV over one that is mounted on… » 8/20/08 5:10pm 8/20/08 5:10pm

Inca's TV Mount With Automatic Pull-Out and Swivel Features

Automatic TV mounts are nothing new, but this new design by Inca is intriguing with its remote controlled pull-out and swivel features. Instead of simply tilting from side to side, Inca's version can also be moved nearly flush with the wall, or out for clear views from extreme angles. According to Inca, the P/N… » 6/03/08 5:20pm 6/03/08 5:20pm