Safretti's Latest Wall-Mounted Gaya Fireplace Looks Like a Flaming Mouth

Safretti's latest in their line of wall-mounted fireplaces for urban living spaces without proper wood burning ventilation looks a lot like a mouth. A mouth much like the mouths Seth MacFarlane likes to draw on inanimate objects on Family Guy, which is why we picture this thing spewing obscenities, as well as 7.1kW of… »3/17/08 6:30pm3/17/08 6:30pm

Sony's L-Type Vaios Bring Three Kinds of Sexiness to your Home

Sony's latest range of Vaio PCs, the L-Type, look to be a pretty sexy proposition. Top dog is the LT, with a 22-inch screen that you can wall mount and watch digital and analog TV on. The LM is 19 inches and does digital TV, while the LJ is a 15.4-inch desktop model with a neat flippy keyboard. They're out in Japan on… »9/25/07 4:24am9/25/07 4:24am

Wall Mounted Aquarium is the Next Best Thing to a TV

Aqua Photo, a Korean based company, did the most logical thing to an aquarium, they mounted it on the wall and made it look like a TV. With specs that sound more like a TV rather than a fish tank, this aquarium has a 1460 x 640 cm measurement, 100 watt back light, and a 35 fish capacity. At $2132, the Aqua Photo Wall… »9/07/07 10:04pm9/07/07 10:04pm