Art Lebedev Takes Wall Sockets 3D

Your typical wall socket just sits there defeated by life, making no decent effort to prevent the inevitable pwning by a 10-socket surge protector. Art Lebedev's Rozetkus socket, however, transforms from 2D to 3D. » 11/09/09 8:08am 11/09/09 8:08am

Just a Stylish 'Wall Socket' USB Hub

It's not a formal wall socket replacement, but this Elecom U2H-TC410B 4-port USB hub will look sharp (and a bit misleading) when mounted to a desk or table. » 6/30/09 10:20am 6/30/09 10:20am

Velcro Wall Socket is Kinda Useless

This concept Velcro wall socket seems like it would be a good idea on paper, seeing as it attaches Velcro to both the socket and AC adapters so you can keep them close when not in use. But in practice, the fact that you can keep a plug attached close to the wall, instead of on the floor, does very little to act "as a… » 7/05/07 1:45pm 7/05/07 1:45pm

Jack PC: The Wall Socket PC

The UK company Jade Integration is about to release a PC that is small enough to fit inside a standard wall power socket. Not only that, it can be powered solely over ethernet. » 6/01/06 7:30am 6/01/06 7:30am