FT: Thousands of Confidential Bloomberg Terminal Messages Found Online

Just the other day, the New York Post outed Bloomberg reporters for monitoring Bloomberg terminals to track Wall Street traders' accounts. Now, the Financial Times has pointed out another egregious but unrelated security problem: apparently more than ten thousand confidential terminal records have been on the Internet » 5/13/13 6:30pm 5/13/13 6:30pm

Bloomberg Reporters Used Shady Terminal Access To Spy on Finance Types

Trading on Wall Street is basically a huge game of poker and it would be kind of hard to bluff or cover your strategy if Bloomberg News reporters were watching your Bloomberg terminal to track your every move. So you'd assume that said reporters wouldn't abuse their corporate affiliation like that, because it would be… » 5/12/13 9:00am 5/12/13 9:00am

IBM's Watson Supercomputer Is Cashing In on Wall Street

A year ago, IBM's Watson supercomputer bludgeoned human supernerds Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in Jeopardy. Since then, Watson's been putting its natural language interpretation skills to work for health care organizations, but now it's coming for the money: As of yesterday, Watson works for Citigroup, one of the… » 3/06/12 10:30am 3/06/12 10:30am

DIY Stock Ticker Pumpkin is Truly Horrifying

A clever cutout may suffice to scare the kids, but if you want your pumpkin to scare adults, consider putting down the carving set and picking up a soldering iron and a couple of 5x7 LED matrix arrays. Why? Because this tiny pumpkin displays the most frightening face of them all—the twisted horror of a 401K plan… » 10/30/08 7:30pm 10/30/08 7:30pm

12 Gadgety Trading Floors: Just in Time for Today's Wall Street Crisis

As I'm sure you already know, the Dow dropped 500 points today on the news of a Lehman Brothers bankruptcy filing and a $50 billion stock buyout of Merrill Lynch by Bank of America Corp. This tag team of devastation sent stocks spiraling down in the worst tumble we have seen since the 9/11 attacks. Therefore, OObject… » 9/15/08 7:20pm 9/15/08 7:20pm

Washington, D.C., Wall St. Brought to Their Knees by CrackBerry Outage

While we reported on the BlackBerry service outage (and subsequent magical restoration) earlier, what we didn't note was that it apparently threw Washington, D.C. into sheer chaos. Reuters was on the ground: "I felt like my left arm had been amputated," said Joe Shoemaker, communications director for Assistant Senate… » 4/18/07 11:50pm 4/18/07 11:50pm