The Amazing Attempt to Blame the Internet for Everything

In recent weeks, several respected magazines, their publishers, and writers have fallen prey to various journalistic malfeasance and scandals. Who is to blame? Internet boogeymen, of course. » 12/11/14 3:08pm 12/11/14 3:08pm

It Turns Out Sony Was Behind that E-Ink Concept Watch All Along

A month after the E-Ink FES concept watch got people excited about an innovative wearable that didn't care if it wasn't particularly smart, rumors that Sony was working on a similar E-Ink-based timepiece started to swirl. But according to the Wall Street Journal, Sony was behind the FES watch concept all along, and… » 11/28/14 8:32am 11/28/14 8:32am

WSJ: A Secret U.S. Spy Program Is Using Planes to Target Cell Phones

A secret U.S. spy program used fake cell phone towers attached to airplanes to scan citizens' cell phones and collect their data, the Wall Street Journal reports. » 11/13/14 5:33pm 11/13/14 5:33pm

Report: China's Tech Factories Are Abusing Poor Interns

Think that you have it hard, with your internship forcing you to work 8-hour days making coffee for no pay? Well, a WSJ report might make you feel a little better: Chinese factories are relying on cheap intern labour to keep the manufacturing dream alive. » 9/25/14 3:00am 9/25/14 3:00am

The WSJ's "iOS Optimized" Mobile Site Is... Not Very Optimized

Last night, the Wall Street Journal took its new mobile site live, supposedly specially formatted to look good and work on iOS devices. Except, erm, this is what it looks like on an iPad Mini: » 2/14/13 10:50am 2/14/13 10:50am

Rupert Murdoch Admits the WSJ Is Still Being Hacked

If you thought the Wall Street Journal only announced that it had been infiltrated by Chinese hackers once the debacle was over—think again. Rupert Murdoch has tweeted that the newspaper is still coming under sustained attack. » 2/06/13 3:31am 2/06/13 3:31am

WSJ Live Brings You Live News and On Demand Video on Your iPad

WSJ Live is an excellent app from the folks at the Wall Street Journal, it gives you access to live news about the Market, Tech and more AND also gives you access to the entire video archive of the WSJ. on demand videos. It's like having the WSJ in video form (in fact, most of the content is made with WSJ reporters).… » 9/23/11 5:20pm 9/23/11 5:20pm

The Knock-Down, Drag-Out Fight Over the Next Generation of Batteries

Patent Trolls have been around nearly as long as patent infringement itself. Bottled Lightning by Seth Fletcher takes a look at one scientific-disagreement-turned-nasty fight over the batteries that power our cordless tools and someday, potentially, our cars. » 5/26/11 4:00pm 5/26/11 4:00pm

The Wall Street Journal Now Has a WikiLeaks of Their Own

In case you haven't noticed, we live in the information era. Very few things can truly be kept secret. Wanting to hop on the WikiLeaks bandwagon, the Wall Street Journal just launched their new site SafeHouse. » 5/05/11 3:19pm 5/05/11 3:19pm

Wall Street Journal Will Start Selling Individual iPad Newspapers for $2

Don't mucky your paws with paper and ink if you already own an iPad—the Wall Street Journal is to begin flogging versions of the morning's paper for $2 each. They claim it's not because of the NY Times' new paywall strategy, but... [PaidContent] » 3/23/11 4:40am 3/23/11 4:40am

Murdoch Scraps Digital Newspaper Tablet Project

News Corp's big "Digital Planet" newspaper app project for tablets has been killed off supposedly, due to lack of interest and cost. That means no one-stop app for all of their newspapers. Proper shame right there. [Reuters] » 10/22/10 8:00am 10/22/10 8:00am

Newspaper Publishers Still Hope Tablets Will Save Them

The NYT, WSJ and USA Today, are building special tablet-y apps for Samsung's Galaxy Tab, hoping to easily port the app over to other Android tablets. And the WSJ, knowing its core audience, wants all up on the BlackBerry PlayBook. » 10/08/10 9:20am 10/08/10 9:20am

This Is a Newspaper on the iPad: The NYT, WSJ and USA Today iPad Apps

On the one hand, you have the New York Times: "I am an internet news application!" And then you have the Wall Street Journal: "I am a color newspaper!" And then you have USA Today: "I like Skittles!" » 4/01/10 7:38pm 4/01/10 7:38pm

Rupert Murdoch Confirms iPad Version of WSJ

It's maybe not the most surprising news, given the Wall Street Journal's longtime web leadership, but Rupert Murdoch has officially confirmed that the WSJ will indeed appear on the iPad. But Rupert, what can you tell us about it? » 3/03/10 2:52pm 3/03/10 2:52pm

Don't Touch the Furniture, Please

Daring Fireball's John Gruber caught the WSJ's Walt Mossberg with Steve Jobs yesterday, and made three observations: Mossberg hadn't seen it before; he was realcurious about Office compatibility; and Steve was pissed Mossberg's sitting on the table. [Flickr via Gruber] » 1/28/10 2:19pm 1/28/10 2:19pm

Sony Reader Daily Edition Starts Shipping, Adds More Newspapers

Wall Street Journal and the New York Post not your favorite rags? Sony's signed up a couple dozen more newspapers for its Reader Daily Edition, with the New York Times, The Financial Times, and The Denver Post included. » 12/22/09 5:11am 12/22/09 5:11am

Wall Street Journal and New York Post Confirmed For Sony Reader Daily…

When Sony announced the Reader Daily Edition back in August, they hadn't confirmed which newspapers would be offered alongside the ebooks. It's just News Corp titles for now, with The Wall Street Journal and New York Post being confirmed. » 12/18/09 5:10am 12/18/09 5:10am

It's True, Anything Is Possible

On the list of things I believed I would never, ever read, Walt Mossberg, of the Walt Street Journal, saying this about Windows doesn't fall very far behind a long op-ed by Glenn Beck describing Obama's healthcare reform as "brilliant." » 10/08/09 10:50am 10/08/09 10:50am

Wall Street Journal iPhone and BlackBerry App Free Lunch Is Over

Well, this is a shame, if inevitable: The Wall Street Journal will soon start charging non-subscribers 2 bucks a week to use its iPhone app, which is currently free (and better than the NYT app). Even subscribers will have to pony up an extra buck a week for the privilege. » 9/15/09 12:49pm 9/15/09 12:49pm