The Greatest Wallet Ever To Fart In Your General Direction

If you haven't started your holiday shopping yet (what are you, a communist?) here's a great gift idea that kills a whole flock of birds with just one stone. Perfect for Monty Python fans, anyone you want to get into British comedy, the wealthy, and especially those you passive aggressively hate, this wallet's… »9/27/13 8:30am9/27/13 8:30am

A Sleek, Minimalist Aluminum Wallet With a Handy Eject Button

An ultra-thin wallet is the only way to avoid bulging pockets if you've opted for skintight jeans. But what good is a sleek wallet if it's next to impossible to get your cards out? That's why the Secrid wallet features an actual eject button at the bottom, forcing your credit and debit cards up so they're easy to… »6/18/13 2:54pm6/18/13 2:54pm

What Kind of Wallet Do You Carry? Sleek and Slim or Over-Stuffed?

Zippo, a brand long associated with smokers and arsonists, has now decided to use its expertise in stainless steel to help those burdened with a giant Costanza wallet as it's come to be known. The company's new wallet is just under half an-inch thick, and its stainless steel housing will help block wireless signals… »5/16/13 5:52pm5/16/13 5:52pm

An Invisible Money Clip, Brought To You By a Pretty Mustachioed Lady

Bulky wallets are OUT. And actually so is cash, too, I guess? But if you do still like to carry a fold of greenbacks around with you, the All Cash Money Clip is kinda a clever way to do it. A magnet-laden sticker adheres directly to a dollar bill, effectively turning it into an invisible money clip. Makes perfect… »4/06/11 8:40am4/06/11 8:40am

Dot Matrix Wallet Smears Fashion All Over Your Sweaty Pocket

We're not going to spend all day explaining why this dot matrix wallet is the best thing we've ever seen. If you don't know, then you are without joy in your life. And there's simply nothing we can do about it. However, as for its downsides, we're pretty sure there's not room for both your Visa and »8/21/08 3:40pm8/21/08 3:40pm Diner's Club cards…