We're Facing Star Wars Overload, And It Scares the Crap Out Of Me

At a certain point in life, you learn about pleasure in moderation. A lot of something is great, until you get sick of it. A slow, steady enjoyment has always worked though and as a Star Wars fan, the aggressive plan for the franchise may sound good—but it also scares the living shit out of me. »8/05/15 2:37pm8/05/15 2:37pm

The complete visual history of the Walt Disney logo before Disney movies

Ever since the Walt Disney Pictures logo debuted before The Black Cauldron in 1985, Disney has been tweaking and re-styling and creating multiple variations of the iconic magic castle logo that pops up right before its movies. For a while it's a simple 2D logo stamped on a blue background but eventually it turned 3D… »3/25/15 3:28pm3/25/15 3:28pm

8 Walt Disney Quotes That Are Actually Fake

Sometimes it feels like the internet is 90 percent inspirational quotes. Albert Einstein, Gandhi, and Walt Disney are all popular sources for bite-sized nuggets of inspiration. But sometimes the quotes attributed to these people are just wrong. Like these quotes from Disney — a man who didn't actually say, "If you… »3/19/15 4:29pm3/19/15 4:29pm

Inside the Fantastic World of Disney's Most Famous Art Director

Walt Disney, for all his vision, was not an artist at heart; he was smart enough to surround himself with talented people. The look that we associate with Disney art came largely from one woman he hired: Mary Blair, the designer and illustrator behind animated films like Alice in Wonderland and the ride it's a small… »9/04/14 6:23pm9/04/14 6:23pm

An Incredibly Rare Glimpse of How Disneyland Was Supposed to Look

The Disneyland of today is one of the most well-known places in the world. But in 1953, it was just sketches on paper, the pipe dream of two brothers named Roy and Walt Disney. In an incredible exclusive today, Boing Boing published the pitch document for the project—which is so rare, even Disney doesn't have it. »5/20/14 9:19am5/20/14 9:19am

In the '60s, Disney Almost Built a Ski Resort in Sequoia National Park

Today, Mineral King Valley is a remote hideaway within California's Sequoia National Park, accessible only by foot-trail or a winding, treacherous automobile road. But in the 1960s this mountain paradise of snowmelt streams, white-fir forests, and hulking granite peaks nearly became home to a massive ski… »2/19/14 11:20am2/19/14 11:20am

Walt Disney's Chicago Birthplace Might Finally Become a Museum

The Chicago house where Walt Disney was born may soon become a museum, thanks to some theme park ride designers in Los Angeles. After years of debate in Chicago over what to do with the property, a married couple that owns a design studio in L.A. has just purchased the house for $173,000. They hope to convert the home… »12/04/13 2:45pm12/04/13 2:45pm

Walt Disney Calls BS on "Baby Einstein Melts Your Baby's Mind" Study

Reporting scientific research in the mainstream media is generally difficult—results have to summarized and simplified for non-scientist folk, and more often than not, wind up sensationalized to make for better headlines. Walt Disney's claiming that's exactly what happened with the widely reported (and mocked) results… »8/14/07 8:46am8/14/07 8:46am