Mosspuppet Discovers Chatroulette And We All Throw Up a Little

I've got to hand it to Mosspuppet: he's always on top of the latest trends. This time out: Chatroulette! And while it ends with Mosspuppet's most cherished dream fulfilled, it's also. Totally. Gross. NSFW. [Mosspuppet] » 3/12/10 1:20pm 3/12/10 1:20pm

Don't Touch the Furniture, Please

Daring Fireball's John Gruber caught the WSJ's Walt Mossberg with Steve Jobs yesterday, and made three observations: Mossberg hadn't seen it before; he was realcurious about Office compatibility; and Steve was pissed Mossberg's sitting on the table. [Flickr via Gruber] » 1/28/10 2:19pm 1/28/10 2:19pm

Walt Mosspuppet Reviews the Apple Tablet: "The First Completely Perfect…

"Fire. The wheel. Barbers. The moveable printing press. Whiskey. The automobile. The personal computer. Walt Mossberg. The iPhone. And now, finally, the iSlate." Walt Moss berg puppet issues the first and final word on the Apple Tablet. [Mosspuppet] » 1/25/10 5:36pm 1/25/10 5:36pm

It's True, Anything Is Possible

On the list of things I believed I would never, ever read, Walt Mossberg, of the Walt Street Journal, saying this about Windows doesn't fall very far behind a long op-ed by Glenn Beck describing Obama's healthcare reform as "brilliant." » 10/08/09 10:50am 10/08/09 10:50am

Walt Mosspuppet Reviews Snow Leopard: "I Love This Stupid Goddamn…

Walt Mosspuppet's take might just be the only Snow Leopard review you need. He even reveals, exclusively, the next revolutionary version of OS X: Perilous (oops) Hairless Siamese Cat. [YouTube] » 8/28/09 3:20pm 8/28/09 3:20pm

Three Years Later, Newspapers Start With The "Wii" Jokes

I'll give the WSJ a pass on running their Motion Plus review a week behind, because it's a pretty good one. But a faux-unintentional "Wii" pun, in 2009? Get with the program! (Disclaimer: I giggled, like a child.) [WSJ] » 8/06/09 5:20pm 8/06/09 5:20pm

Walt Mosspuppet's Windows 7 Survival Guide: Blow Up Best Buy, or It'll…

Walt Mosspuppet lays out surviving the Windows 7 apocalypse: Blowing up Best Buys will slow the spread, but killing the head Windows 7 is crucial. If you can't join the fight, seek shelter in an Apple Store. Ready? [YouTube] » 7/27/09 2:20pm 7/27/09 2:20pm

Walt Mosspuppet: "Gizmodo Makes Me Want to Vomit in My Mouth!"

The latest Mosspuppet video, featuring Muppet Mossberg, includes a not-so-friendly Gizmodo shout-out and more from the sock puppet version of the WSJ's senior tech columnist, Walt Mossberg. [Rant Puppet via Fake Steve, edited-BL] » 7/22/09 10:15pm 7/22/09 10:15pm

Walt Mosspuppet Answers Reader Mail: "Call Pogue, He Knows How to Do…

Walt Mosspuppet answers reader mail, exactly like you'd expect the only technology journalist in the world to, but super funny and mean. [YouTube via Fake Steve Jobs] » 7/15/09 6:00pm 7/15/09 6:00pm

iPhone 3GS Review Matrix: What Everybody's Saying

It's time for another roundup of pundits espousing heartfelt admiration and none-too-bloody criticism of a pretty hot Apple product. How did they—I mean "it"—do this time around? Have a look-see... » 6/18/09 2:00am 6/18/09 2:00am

WSJ Confirms New iPhone Hardware?

Walt Mossberg of the WSJ is known for getting iPhone hardware weeks ahead of time, so did he unintentionally confirm twice, in his Palm Pre review, that Apple will launch new hardware at WWDC? » 6/04/09 12:00pm 6/04/09 12:00pm

Walt Mossberg Pans Buggy MobileMe in Review

Mossberg has rolled out an in-depth review of MobileMe backed by a week of testing in today's WSJ, and if you've been following our coverage it won't come as too big of a surprise that he's not a fan. But his problems with the service go well beyond the launch hiccups you've read about. So what's got Mossberg so riled… » 7/24/08 10:00am 7/24/08 10:00am

Gizmodo's iPhone 3G Review Matrix

How do you read three lengthy reviews at the same time, really really fast? You jump to our review matrix of the iPhone 3G, first judged exclusively by the Three Amigos of Appledom: Ed Baig of USA Today, Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal and David Pogue of the New York Times. » 7/09/08 9:00am 7/09/08 9:00am

iPhone 3G Reviews Are In

The first iPhone 3G reviews have just hit, from Walt Mossberg of the WSJ and All Things D, Ed Baig from USA Today and David Pogue from the NYTimes. No one goes deep into the app store but here's what they think: » 7/08/08 9:13pm 7/08/08 9:13pm