No Love for Lovelace: A Closer Read of Walter Isaacson's Innovators

I'm glad Walter Isaacson is getting such an outpouring of love from reviewers and talk-show hosts for including Ada Lovelace in The Innovators, his new history of the digital revolution.1 Thanks to Isaacson, Lovelace is finally receiving at least a few bytes of the attention she deserves for having written the first… » 10/23/14 2:48pm 10/23/14 2:48pm

The Innovators Review: Taking the "Great Man" Out of the Garage

You'd be forgiven for thinking that The Innovators, Walter Isaacson's new book, is about innovators and the things they built, given that it's right there in the title. But in truth, the book is an examination of who gets the credit for building our modern high-tech society. And for this, it's one of the most… » 10/07/14 2:54pm 10/07/14 2:54pm

​Walter Isaacson Talks AI, Apple Watch, and His New Book The Innovators

The stories we tell ourselves about genius and geniuses are often stories about history's great men. But Walter Isaacson's latest project is different. » 10/06/14 3:00pm 10/06/14 3:00pm

The Daily Show Takes on the Steve Jobs Biography

At this point you might be sick of reading about Walter Isaacson's new mega-seller, but what about watching Jon Stewart tackle the book? Of course it's interesting. Stewart sat down with Isaacson to talk Steve and make a Zune joke. » 10/26/11 8:39am 10/26/11 8:39am

Steve Jobs in His Own Words: Life and the Afterlife

Part of 60 Minutes' terrific interview with Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson fixates, naturally, on mortality. As much as Jobs focused on perfecting the material, he always had an eye on the spiritual. Hear him talk about living and dying. » 10/24/11 10:17am 10/24/11 10:17am

Read the Revelations in Full: Book of Jobs Now Available

Almost the entire book has leaked already, but now it's time to read the whole thing cover to cover. Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography is available starting today in hardback with ebooks available since late yesterday. Kindle price is a steep $21.14, with the hardcover version at $17.88 [Amazon via TUAW via Gizmodo… » 10/24/11 7:00am 10/24/11 7:00am

All the Best Leaks from the Steve Jobs Biography

Advance copies of the hotly anticipated Steve Jobs biography are already in some hands—meaning personal details we never knew about the man are exposed for the first time. Fights with Obama over food, diamond rings, and DNA sequencing. » 10/21/11 9:21am 10/21/11 9:21am

Steve Jobs Was Ready For "Thermonuclear War" With Google

Walter Isaacson's new biography of Steve Jobs (titled simply Steve Jobs) comes out next week, but the Associated Press was able to buy a copy early and proceeds to drop some bombs, just like Jobs himself. » 10/20/11 8:36pm 10/20/11 8:36pm

Why Steve Jobs Refused a Potentially Life-Saving Surgery

Walter Isaacson, the author of the upcoming official Steve Jobs biography, told 60 minutes that Steve Jobs refused what could have potentially been a life-saving surgery. Remember, though Jobs had pancreatic cancer, he also had a very rare form that was treatable through surgery. Jobs didn't want that surgery. » 10/20/11 2:52pm 10/20/11 2:52pm

Why Steve Jobs Wanted an Official Biography Written About Him (It's for…

When Steve Jobs official biography was announced, everyone wondered why the notoriously private Steve Jobs would let Walter Isaacson, the author, interview him over 40 times, let Isaacson talk to family and friends and pretty much have unprecedented access to Jobs' entire life. Turns out Jobs had a very personal… » 10/07/11 12:00pm 10/07/11 12:00pm

Steve Jobs' Biography Expected November 21st, and Will Contain 40…

Along with blabbing the release date of the book, retailer Barnes & Noble has also done us a favour by sharing the book cover (pictured) and a description of the 448 pages, as scribed by his official biographer, Walter Isaacson. » 8/16/11 4:40am 8/16/11 4:40am

Steve Jobs' Biography Is Renamed Steve Jobs

You've gotta admit that anything would've been better than iSteve: The Book of Jobs. Especially considering it's the first biography to receive the actual man's support and cooperation. Written by Walter Isaacson, it will be published on March 26th 2012. [Fortune] » 7/06/11 3:40am 7/06/11 3:40am

Official Steve Jobs Biography Gets a Cover and Price Thanks to Amazon

Amazon is now taking pre-orders for the Walter Isaacson-penned Steve Jobs biography, iSteve: The Book of Jobs, slated for release March 2012. Along with the listing is what might be the final cover and price for the tome. » 6/05/11 11:00am 6/05/11 11:00am

The Life Story of the Man Writing Steve Jobs' Life Story

Walter Isaacson is the man tasked to write iSteve: The Book of Jobs, which of course is the official, authorized, biography of Steve Jobs. But who in the hell is Walter Isaacson, you ask? » 4/11/11 2:45pm 4/11/11 2:45pm

Official Steve Jobs Biography Finally Has a Title and Release Date

Not only has Steve Jobs given the thumb's up to an official biography about his life—the first ever official biography—but he's also agreed to be interviewed by the author, Walter Isaacson. » 4/11/11 3:15am 4/11/11 3:15am

Steve Jobs: The Authorized Biography Coming to iBooks (and Other Fine…

There've been many books documenting the life of Steve Jobs, attempts to worm inside of Steve's brain. The NYT reports that Walter Isaacson, Time magazine's former managing editor, will write the first authorized biography, however. Steve's supposedly invited Isaacson to tour his childhood home, even. I wonder what… » 2/15/10 9:11pm 2/15/10 9:11pm