Which of These Awesome Movie Weapons Would You Choose In Real Life?

Imagine you could make any of these weapons real. Which one would you choose? Gandalf the White's staff, Vader's lightsaber, Arthur's Excalibur, Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver or Harry Potter's wand? Discuss in the comments. Or just get the t-shirt at [Redbubble] » 3/29/12 10:16am 3/29/12 10:16am

Awesome Stylus/Stand Combo Keeps Bacon Grease Off Your iPad

Cooking with the iPad is great if you don't mind a greasy screen or you enjoy washing your hands every time you need to navigate on device's touchscreen. Of course, you always have the option to wrap the thing in plastic wrap. » 9/15/11 3:20pm 9/15/11 3:20pm

Nyko Wand+ Hands-On: I Love Watching Nintendo Get Kicked In the Balls

You wouldn't think a third party could clone a Nintendo product and then make it better, but Nyko may have done that with the Wand+. » 1/07/10 6:24pm 1/07/10 6:24pm

Nyko Wand+ Is An All-In-One Wii Motion Plus Solution

Nyko's Wand debuted last year at CES, and this year they have something to answer the question of why people need a Wiimote AND a Wii Motion Plus separately. It's called the Wand+. » 1/07/10 12:35pm 1/07/10 12:35pm

PS3 Motion Controller Officially Lands Next Spring: Updates for Current…

The Motion Controller's Spring debut has just been made official over at the Tokyo Games Show. A motion-enhanced Resident Evil 5: Director's Cut is planned, and the wand will work with a number of new and existing games, including LittleBigPlanet. » 9/24/09 4:01am 9/24/09 4:01am

PlayStation Motion Controller: Behind the Scenes Part 2

In part one, Sony explained that next Spring's glowing wand will have rumble feedback. Here, Anton Mikhailov (the guy from the E3 demos) dishes the prototype was built using parts from Home Depot, and caused a stir with airport security. » 9/09/09 7:00am 9/09/09 7:00am

PlayStation Motion Controller: Behind the Scenes

Sony, you're such a tease. The PlayStation motion controller wand won't hit shops until next Spring, but SCEA research head honcho, Richard Marks, gives a pretty interesting look at its background and capabilities in this video. » 8/31/09 1:30am 8/31/09 1:30am

A Quick Update on the PlayStation Motion Controller

With the PS3 Slim hogging the limelight, you may have missed Sony's update on its motion sensing controller. This reel from GamesCon shows it waving about as a wand, flashlight, and yep, even a hair brush. » 8/21/09 1:00am 8/21/09 1:00am

Nyko Charger Grips Wiimotes with Magnets, Refills Through Jackets

Nyko's latest Charge Station IC is a pretty unique idea in the otherwise ubiquitous design world of Wiimote charging stations. » 8/19/09 4:20pm 8/19/09 4:20pm

Mad Catz Wiimote: Feels Like the Real Thing, for $10 Less

We've seen Nyko's Wand, but now Mad Catz has become the second peripheral manufacturer to clone the Wiimote. And just holding it in my hands, I could tell it has promise. » 6/03/09 5:19pm 6/03/09 5:19pm

The Nyko Wand May Be Just as Good as the Wiimote, Or Even Better

So far, no one has had the cojones to clone the Wiimote. Then Nyko stepped up to the plate and announced the Wand. Playing with it at CES, I was impressed. » 1/11/09 8:00pm 1/11/09 8:00pm