The Economics of a Free Google Phone

We've all been a little breathless over the idea of The Google Phone, and that everything could change (some of us, anyway). But, wait, you say, Google can't just give away a phone like that. Well, they could. » 12/17/09 10:00am 12/17/09 10:00am

Is Apple Taking the Internet Seriously Now?

Apple's always been a particular kind of company, obsessed with experiences, controlling them, end to end. But those they've always been centered around the traditional desktop. Until Apple bought Lala. Is Apple taking the internet seriously now? » 12/13/09 4:07pm 12/13/09 4:07pm

Hot For Tools Is a 'Pleasurable' 'Tool' Instruction Video

The Hot For Tools series on YouTube is done in the same style as the Hot For Words videos: take an attractive girl, remove 30% of her clothing, and make her talk about stuff that males like. » 6/26/09 7:00pm 6/26/09 7:00pm

Tenga Flip Hole Masturbatory Machine Has Me Foxed

I am ashamed to say that the first time I saw this, I thought it a clamshell phone concept. Called the Tenga Flip Hole onacup, it's a *whispers* wanking machine that opens up so you can clean it easily. It's made of silicon, and there are vacuum and pump buttons buttons on it for you to adjust the side and, er, pump.… » 3/21/08 7:51am 3/21/08 7:51am