Facebook Wants You To Watch, Listen, Read And Want Stuff, Too

Facebook may have some upcoming changes that'll add Watched, Listened, Read and Want buttons to its social network, according to a rumor from TechCrunch. » 9/19/11 8:52pm 9/19/11 8:52pm

Every Bloody Web Browser Needs This Alert

Seriously, I don't give a damn about a web browser passing all HTML5 and CSS3 stress test with flying colors. What about useful features like this alert mechanism? That's what I want in my next Firefox. [Thanks Oscar] » 2/21/11 3:40pm 2/21/11 3:40pm

These Awesome Tron Watches Will Only Exist If You Want Them Enough

When there are so many actual Tron accessories that demand contempt, is it so much to ask for these kickass concept watches to become real? Fortunately, this time it's within our power to make these happen. Solidarity, people. Here's how. » 10/20/10 12:20pm 10/20/10 12:20pm

Sometimes We Want Too Many Things We Don't Need

Remember as a kid you only wanted one thing at a time? A bike, a doll, a football. Now, we're all caught up wanting everything we see, and a lot of it we don't need. Let's try to want less. » 9/04/10 8:00pm 9/04/10 8:00pm