How a Top Training Facility Turns Rescued Dogs into Rescue Dogs

Search and Rescue (SAR) dogs have a very important job. Natural disaster? Fertilizer plant explosion? They're on the case. Before they became the canine equivalent of Navy SEALs, many of them were unwanted and unloved. Until they went through training at the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF), one of the… »4/26/13 1:00pm4/26/13 1:00pm

DARPA Plans To Scan Puppy Brains To Find the Smartest Dogs for War

War dogs. They are equal parts badass and cute. And on top of that, they're smart. They need to be to get the job done. In the interest of finding the cleverest canines for potential war-doggery, DARPA's got a plan to start scanning puppy brains in an MRI machine. But rest assured, those brains are still in the… »1/26/13 1:00pm1/26/13 1:00pm