Wargames Celebrates 25th Anniversary, Wired Interviews Everyone and their Mother About It

Unlike more modern films about hacking like The Net and Hackers, Wargames has been lovingly embraced by the geek audience. And even 25 years after its release, it holds up as a thought-provoking film about a changing technological future-a future where the fate of the world really can be in one man's hands, or just as… »7/24/08 9:46am7/24/08 9:46am

Air Force Wants to Use Every Computer They've Got to Build Massive Botnet for DDoS Attacks

China has been semi-famed for launching DDoS attacks and poking around the US's secure networks generally. One Air Force colonel's solution? Build a massive botnet to DDoS the Commie bastards (or anyone else) right back. Because we're on the Light side, our bigass botnet wouldn't infect new computers, but the plan… »5/14/08 7:30am5/14/08 7:30am