Close encounters with Russian warplanes as tension increases in Europe

Things are not looking good over the Baltic Sea. Poland has announced that Russian naval and air force activity in the Baltic Sea region is "unprecedented," with Sweden being the most affected country, which have resulted in numerous close encounters. According to the BBC, these are some of the incidents we know about: » 12/12/14 1:04am 12/12/14 1:04am

Did Satellites Capture China's Mysterious Giant War Plane?

The GeoEye 1 and IKONOS spacecraft have captured satellite images of the mysterious Xian Aircraft Corporation Y-20, China's first long range jet transport. It shows the clearest image of the giant transport plane yet and reveals that China's plane looks a lot like the U.S. Air Force's C-17. That's not an accident. » 1/04/13 9:20pm 1/04/13 9:20pm