Amazon Sent This Farmer a Piece of Its Conveyor Belt Instead of a Book

Just days after Amazon showed off its autonomous Kiva warehouse robots, the mechanized minions are already showing signs of revolt. A pair of Texas goat farmers say they received what appears to be a piece of a conveyor belt from the retail giant, instead of the book about chickens they were expecting. »12/05/14 9:51am12/05/14 9:51am

The Nutcracker March As Performed By Warehouse Automation Robots

Seeing as we don't specialize in moving boxes around in a gigantic warehouse, we're less than familiar with KIVA Systems and their little orange go-bots. However, when you program anything mechanical to dance to the The Nutcracker March, our interest goes through the roof. What can we say, we love ballet—not to… »12/17/07 6:30pm12/17/07 6:30pm