Touchstone Portable Gadget Charger, Hand Warmer...Eh?

They say that the best way to develop a great product is to find a need and fill it. Perhaps the design team at DigitalTech didn't look hard enough when they came up with their Touchstone portable gadget charger / hand warmer hybrid. It's not that the two functions of the device aren't useful —it can charge just about… » 11/02/07 9:00pm 11/02/07 9:00pm

Jura-Capresso Pointless Coffee Cup Warmer

Really, what the hell is the point of a coffee cup warmer? Isn't coffee supposed to be served warm enough to heat any mug regardless? The Jura-Capresso Coffee Cup Warmer can hold 16 coffee cups or 24 espresso cups. It will warm the cups up to optimal serving temperatures for you prissy assholes who can't have a room… » 11/28/06 2:31pm 11/28/06 2:31pm