Thanko Wrist Strap Keeps Heat Flowing to Your Fingers

Don't you hate it when you spend a while on the computer in a frigid room and your fingers start to get ice cold? You can't take the time to warm your hands back up because your boss is breathing down your neck, but it's getting harder and harder to type by the minute because you're losing mobility to frostbite.… » 11/19/08 10:00pm 11/19/08 10:00pm

Electric Ice Scraper For Frigid Windshields, Wives

Being that we've lived most our lives in California or other temperate areas, we've never known the pain of scraping ice off our windshields when we set off for work in the morning. Here's a reminder for you poor bastards up in the northeast: this Eddie Bauer electric ice scraper is a pretty handy way to get your… » 12/27/06 7:30pm 12/27/06 7:30pm