Ask IndefinitelyWild: What's The Best Add-On Camping Insulation?

You’re out camping when suddenly it’s colder and wetter than expected. What’s the best add-on or emergency insulation you can bring that doesn’t take up too much space or weight in your pack? Space blanket, emergency bivvy, silk sleeping bag liner...tell us your experiences. » 5/20/15 6:25pm 5/20/15 6:25pm

Swiss Swimming Pool Warmed by Surplus Server Heat and Alliteration

There's clearly something going on with the Swiss and hot water: first "extreme jacuzzi-ing" on top of Mont Blanc, and now they're going to use waste energy kicked out by servers to warm a swimming pool. It's a simple concept: take the heat from the server room air-conditioners at a new data center, and direct it… » 4/03/08 5:57am 4/03/08 5:57am