Five More Warner Bros. Movies Can Now be Streamed on Facebook

Uh-oh, it's catching—Warner Bros has seen fit to offer up two Harry Potter films; Life as We Know It; Yogi Bear and Inception to the Facebook audience. Cue status updates on a whole new level from those finally catching up with Inception. Like with The Dark Knight, they can be digitally rented using $3 worth of… »3/28/11 3:40am3/28/11 3:40am

Spotify Just Signed Another Major Label, Now Halfway to US Domination

AllThingsD is reporting that EMI Music has just signed a deal with Spotify. Counting Spotify's previous deal with Sony, the awesometastic music service now has two of the four major record labels locked up. The other two? Warner, who has said nice things about Spotify before, and Universal, who happens to be the… »2/17/11 3:15pm2/17/11 3:15pm

Shock: When You Raise iTunes Prices, People Buy Less Stuff

A shocking revelation from the Warner Bros. earnings call this morning: Since they bumped prices on a bunch of iTunes tracks, digital sales growth has slowed down! It grew 10 percent in the fall quarter, but now it's slowed to growing just 5 percent this past quarter, which means they're piling up less money—digital… »2/09/10 11:32am2/09/10 11:32am

My $62.47 Royalty Statement: How Major Labels Cook the Books with Digital Downloads

Tim Quirk was the singer of punk-pop outfit Too Much Joy, signed by Warner Bros. in 1990. Now he's an executive at an online music service, giving him insight on digital sales data and just how labels fudge their numbers. »12/02/09 4:40pm12/02/09 4:40pm

* A word here about that unrecouped balance, for those uninitiated…