All the Playable Characters Make Cameos in the Latest Lego Dimensions Ad

In just a few weeks Lego Dimensions will be the latest video game/collectible toy line that will have you scouring store shelves for the sets you’re missing. And this new launch trailer, featuring cameos from the countless franchises included in the game, reveals why more is always better. »9/16/15 7:20pm9/16/15 7:20pm


There Are 12 Versions of Doctor Who To Play With in Lego Dimensions

We’ve known for a while that Lego Dimensions will include levels based on the seemingly never-ending British series Doctor Who. But at San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed that every time the Doctor is defeated in the game, he’ll actually re-spawn as one of the 12 other versions. »7/09/15 5:45pm7/09/15 5:45pm