Warner Music Pushes for Mandatory Music Tax on Your Internet Bill

If iTunes music subscriptions don't happen, it's not because the industry lacks interest. Universal's already got a sub plan; Sony BMG is forging ahead with their own; and now Warner Music is investing serious resources and effort into pushing for a monthly music tax. They want $5 a month tacked onto everybody's… »3/28/08 11:19am3/28/08 11:19am

Amazon-Warner MP3 Deal Details Confirmed: No Audio Watermarking and More

Just talked to sources at Amazon and Warner Music Group about their DRM-free MP3 retail deal. In case you were wondering, we have confirmed that Warner is not watermarking the files to keep track of them. Incidentally, Amazon wasn't aware of whether or not it would happen, saying that "in some cases the labels provide… »12/27/07 2:30pm12/27/07 2:30pm

Amazon Now Selling MP3s from Warner; 2.9 Million DRM-Free Tracks Now Available

Amazon just kicked a certain Cupertino-based company where it counts, scoring DRM-free MP3s from Warner Music Group that you can buy today. This leaves out only the big S, Sony, which is always the last to cave in when the topic is reduced content protection. By contrast, Apple, which helped usher in the DRM-free… »12/27/07 9:16am12/27/07 9:16am

Warner Music Profits and the Sky Are Down, Digital Sales and Pigs Are Up

As much we like to joke about the new music economy stripping rappers of their fourth Bentley and downgrading their 60-inch plasmas to 42-inchers, Warner Music actually did take a hard beating this past quarter, losing almost $7 million in profit versus last year's—more than half, for a take of $5 million. While… »11/29/07 2:15pm11/29/07 2:15pm

Warner Music CEO Fesses Up to Music Industry's Mistakes, Slams Mobile Operators, Pats Self on Back

Talking to suits at the GSMA Mobile Congress this week, Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. admitted the music industry is at least partly to blame for the woes it's been mired in for years now as well as the fact that they've been "at war" with their customers: »11/14/07 6:00pm11/14/07 6:00pm

But then he goes on to pat Warner themselves on the…

RIAA Tires of Suing Babies and Elderly; Moves on to Paralyzed Stroke Victims

John Paladuk, a retired railroad employee whose left side was completely paralyzed by a stroke last year and uses the resulting disability check as his sole means of income, is being sued by the RIAA for copyright infringement. Also, he lived in Florida during the time period the RIAA is accusing him of engaging in… »3/14/07 12:26pm3/14/07 12:26pm