Spotify Scores Crucial Label Endorsement

That deal Spotify signed with Sony got you really excited, right? Well, another puzzle piece might be about to click into place; Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. just said that "we do see Spotify, and services like Spotify, as ever-more meaningful for our results." Meaningful enough to sign a contract, Mr. Bronfman… » 2/08/11 9:28am 2/08/11 9:28am

Amazon Now Selling MP3s from Warner; 2.9 Million DRM-Free Tracks Now…

Amazon just kicked a certain Cupertino-based company where it counts, scoring DRM-free MP3s from Warner Music Group that you can buy today. This leaves out only the big S, Sony, which is always the last to cave in when the topic is reduced content protection. By contrast, Apple, which helped usher in the DRM-free… » 12/27/07 9:16am 12/27/07 9:16am

Led Zeppelin Changes Tune, Puts Whole Catalog Online

Remember when we told you Led Zeppelin was coming to iTunes in November, but only as a 24-track sampler? Well, that song did not remain the same. Page and Plant (and Jones, if he has a vote) decided that they will release the entire catalog digitally, and not just through iTunes. Starting November 13, all Zep albums… » 10/15/07 8:29am 10/15/07 8:29am

Universal Plans Total Music Anti-iTunes Initiative With Free…

Not only is Universal not signing multi-year contracts with Apple, it is now creating a service to confront iTunes and nurture iPod competitors like the Zune. Called Total Music, it may include Universal, Sony BMG and Warner—75% of music sold in the US—and would offer a twist on the traditional download and… » 10/12/07 11:46am 10/12/07 11:46am

YouTube To Run Ads on Top of Clips

The good news is, YouTube isn't going to put those ridiculous bumper ads in front of clips you request—turns out 70% of people close the window and run screaming when they see those. The bad news is this: Today, YouTube starts overlaying 10-second ads on top of videos. You'll be able to click the X to close them, but… » 8/22/07 8:52am 8/22/07 8:52am

EMI, Apple and YouTube Officially In Love Triangle; Warner Music…

Apple adds YouTube to Apple TV. EMI tracks are now sold DRM-free on iTunes. The triangle completes itself today, as EMI announced that it would share a bunch of EMI music videos on YouTube, and even "let" users integrate some of EMI's copyrighted material into their own homemade productions. Let's see what happens… » 5/31/07 12:15pm 5/31/07 12:15pm

Mix-O-Matic for Charity: It's the Thought That Counts

Mix it up with Mix-O-Matic, a charity project of the Warner Music Group where every music mix you create and send to the company's website results in a donation to Habitat for Humanity in your name. You download the small, easy-to-use Mix-O-Matic application, and put together your own "Jingle Bell Rock" mix. It's… » 12/22/06 9:03am 12/22/06 9:03am