Best Warning Sign Ever Doesn't Mess With Idle 'High Voltage' Threats

High voltage electrics plus »9/19/08 12:00pm9/19/08 12:00pm risk of sparky, smoky death humorous engineer excellent warning sign. I'd keep well away, after reading that. Though I do remember an old girlfriend's dad once pinned a freakishly similar note (substituting the odd "I will" into the text) to his daughter's bedroom door, and pointedly drew…

iSteamy Converts iPhone into Handheld Porn Powerhouse (Extremely NSFW)

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Here's our Extremely Not Safe For Work video review of iSteamy, a software program designed to easily browse porn on your iPhone, complete with category-based picture, video and audio navigation and a "steamy room" to store all your favorites in its internal memory. This is the first version, so it… »1/03/08 7:25pm1/03/08 7:25pm

Two Possible Mac Data Loss Issues Still Unadressed by Apple

Although no official word has been released by Apple, there appears to be two serious data loss issues that could affect MacBook owners and users of Mac OS X Leopard. According to blogger Tom Karpik, Leopard's Finder has a bug in its directory-moving code that can result in massive data loss when transferring large… »11/06/07 5:20pm11/06/07 5:20pm